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The lab came on-stream in October 2016. We have been rolling things out slowly in the first term and working towards an official launch on Thursday 16 February 2017.

In the Autumn term, we built this website (launched in November 2016) and hosted our first alogrithms and software workshop for BA Games Design & Art. We also started an iLabLunch series which offers a space for staff, students and guests across disciplines to critically discuss texts, films and practice work relating to the fields of communications, computing, media and technology. We have been working with our friends at ONN Studio, who are helping us get up and running with Arduinos and other physical devices. This collaboration is leading to two Arduino workshops, the first of which takes place on the afternoon before our launch event (get a ticket for this workshop). We'll be adding more and varied workshops for other courses and other people once things have bedded in.

WSAiLab will run as a cooperative. We are setting up a steering group that will meet on a regular basis to discuss progress and future initiatives. Operational management of WSAiLab is done by Andy Lapham, Senior Teaching Fellow at WSA and the Research Lead is James Branch, Senior Teaching Fellow and Course Leader for MA Communications Design at WSA.


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The overarching idea of iLab is grounded in critical making (Ratto, 2011) and the creation of prototypes as means of exploring design ideas and conceptual challenges, rather than as a means to an end in themselves. In this sense the process of building a prototype and the collaboration and meaning-making it involves is as, if not more, important that the product. We thus regard prototypes as examples of Papert’s transitional objects linking the sensory with the abstract.

PAPERT, S. 1980. Mindstorms : children, computers and powerful ideas, Brighton, Harvester.
RATTO, M. 2011. Critical Making: Conceptual and Material Studies in Technology and Social Life. The Information Society, 27, 252-260.


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